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We need testers!


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Oct 10, 2012
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Hello ranger!

As you are probably aware already, we are preparing a new balancing system for the near future.

Before we can deploy the update however, we need your help:

! We need testers !

What you can expect:
  • Test-drive shiny new things!
  • Satisfactory compensation
  • The odd bug or glitch
  • Genuinely funny teammates (the GMs are joining in)
  • Contact to the devs

What we expect from you:
  • A ranger on the Europe_1 server on your existing game account
  • A clean record; no penalties should have been issued against your account in the past (We will check!)
  • Sufficient English reading and writing skills
  • A forum account
  • You are discreet and will not disclose any of the information you learn during the test
  • Bug reports that follow the template given in our forum

Your application includes:
  • Your ranger name and main server
  • Your forum name
  • Your ranger level on the Europe_1 server
  • Your Skype ID
  • Your age
  • Your Dino Storm gaming age (When did you start playing?)
  • Your reasons for applying as a tester

Your application will only be considered when you write it in English and send it to Support
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