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Get Ready for Celebrating Easter in Dino Storm!


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May 30, 2013
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EASTER is Coming to Dino Storm!

Crack open Easter eggs with egg spoons for special Easter dinosaur skin art! The Easter bunny brings plenty of eggs for you to find, but the rare golden eggs will only come to those who fight!

How to Get Regular Egg Spoons
  1. Open your inventory and make sure that you do not have any egg spoons. Then click on a non-golden egg and choose "Open".
  2. Choose "Show me the way" to hunt bandits for spoons, or purchase directly.

How to Get Golden Egg Spoons
  • With Golden Eggs, there is no "Show me the way" button, but you can exchange regular spoons for golden spoons. For regular spoons, see above!
  • Golden spoons can also be purchased directly.

New Event Achievements!
  • Receive plenty of Gold Coins for opening regular and golden eggs!
  • Completing all other event achievements will unlock the final event reward achievement:
A 14-Day Violent Damage Booster!

April 6-10: 5 Full Days of Easter Flash Sales!

See you in Dinoville on MARCH 30th, 4 PM server time*!

* Asia server: CST | Europe servers: CEST | America servers: EDT
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