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Game Update July 9, 2024


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May 30, 2013
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Game Update July 9, 2024

Around 8:45 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Drain/Repair Rate Adjustments
  • Increased site combat duration overall by slightly lowering drain and repair rates.
  • Slower increase of the drain rate towards the maximum based on sites owned.
    • Also, the maximum drain rate is reached at a later stage (when defenders are holding 11 sites).

Saloon Changes
  • Implemented Saloon window clan sorting to the following order: number of held sites, member count, clan name.
    • In the Saloon, the number of held sites is now shown for each clan in the upper left corner; the member count badge in the top right corner was adjusted to match the look of the sites counter.

Site Items Unlock after First Defence
  • Implemented that a hold count of 1 or higher is required for depositing items from site inventories.
    • In site windows, there now is a small "warning sign" icon shown next to the site hold count as long as its value is below 1.
    • When trying to deposit items from a site while its hold count is below 1, a floating error message is shown.
Site Changes
  • Items produced at "basic" Yield will not stack with a previous "basic" Yield output when the site's holding clan changes.
    • This only affects the case where a site is not held by a clan for even one conflict phase, i.e. when a site is changing owners with every conflict phase.
  • Visuals for attacker and defender markings adjusted to distingish them better between each other.

Attacker/Defender "Adrenaline" Buff Changes
  • The "Attacker" adrenaline buff will now only be applied to members of the top draining clan in site combat if multiple clans are involved at the same time (to those who can see the red drain vortex effect at their feet, provided they are not Travel Sick).
  • Duration of both "Adrenaline" buffs increases from 10 to 30 seconds.

Other Changes & Fixes
  • Fixed rare issue that the mouse issued commands into the 3D world even when clicking UI elements. This could lead to your dinosaur moving as if you had "clicked right through" an opened window.
  • Slowed down floating text for default actions to improve readability.
  • Fixed that due to timing issues the fear move command did not trigger on the client at times.
  • Fixed that feared dinos moved to slow at times.
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