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Game Update February 22, 2022


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May 30, 2013
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Game Update February 22, 2022

Between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Event-Related Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused about every 200th Tantalizingly tasty cake to not attract any monstrous dinosaurs.
    • For every malfunctioning cake used in the game, affected players will receive a new Tantalizingly tasty cake.
      • Cakes will be given to affected players in the upcoming days (we know who you are). There is no need to contact support.
    • Cakes baked before the game update are guaranteed to work after the game update. The malfunction only occurred when the cake was used.
    • Please note that until this update is live, there still is a slim chance that Tantalizingly tasty cakes will malfunction when used.
  • Updated Monstrous Dinosaurs' health to better match their combat roles. Depending on the type of dinosaur, health values increased slightly to moderately.

Other Fixes
  • The dice casino task will now no longer close prematurely, and a separate reward task will now show when players win the dice casino. This issue had sometimes affected dice casino rewards in the past which could not be given out when the dice casino task was missing.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from logging in with characters that had only partially completed the game's tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to dropped items ending up below the terrain, which prevented those items from being picked up.
  • 3D object mesh LOD factors have been adjusted for all maps, reducing the amount of graphics memory utillized be the game.
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