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Game Update February 15, 2022


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May 30, 2013
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Game Update February 15, 2022

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+1, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Event Preparations
Improvements to Graphics
  • New "Ultra" graphics quality setting!
    • Higher-resolution shadow rendering provides more refined shadows.
    • FSAA anti-aliasing prevents "jagged edges" on geometry objects (does not apply to decal-type elements).
      • If your graphics card does not support FSAA, jagged geometry edges will still appear for you on the "Ultra" setting.
    • 16× anisothropic texture filtering provides cleaner-looking, sharper textures.
  • Regrouped vegetation object meshes for improving overall performance on all maps (higher fps).
  • Increased the distance at which dinosaurs and objects become visible from afar.
  • Removed some "floating" ground vegetation decals in Dinoville, Goldfields, Mokon Woods & Green Volcano. Also saves a bit of performance for CPU and GPU.
  • Improved shader look to allow light to properly glow from its texture.
  • Adjusted light materials distance to blend into the fog better.
  • Fixed terrain not being rendered while in view of the player at the edge of the fog.
  • Increased default zoom level of ranger avatars in the Profile window.

Warehouse Teleport Matrix Improvements
  • The Warehouse can now be accessed from any location in the game.
    • Added "Warehouse" button to main menu in top left corner.
    • Added "Access Warehouse" button in "More Options" section in the inventory window's lower left corner.
    • Added "Access Warehouse" context menu button that shows when clicking the Warehouse Teleport Matrix item in the inventory.
  • Transferring a single item or a stack of items from or to the Warehouse while out of reach will use up one Warehouse Teleport Matrix.
  • The Warehouse Teleport Matrix itself can no longer be teleported from or to the warehouse.
  • Slightly retouched the Warehouse Teleport Matrix icon for a cleaner look.

Other Fixes
  • Context menu actions that consume currency or items now have the text placed left of the icon; context menu actions that yield items have the icon placed left of the text.
  • Fixed button hover behavior of "consume" context menu buttons.
  • Text in Damage Booster buttons inside the game's action bar no longer clips through the right edge of the button.
  • NPC item unlock rewards now feature an improved icon that depicts the unlocking process in order to prevent misunderstandings (old icon was sometimes read as "item is already unlocked").
  • Dino Storm Plus customization items (hat, shirt, jeans and saddle) will now level with your ranger up to the maximum level of 55. Previously, these items were only leveling up to 25.
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