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Game Update April 9, 2024 (Player-Based Fame Item Farming)


Splitscreen Studios
May 30, 2013
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Game Update April 9, 2024

Around 8:30 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Generous Claims · Player-Based Fame Item Farming (no clan needed)
  • Chunks of Gold Ore are now spawning next to Claim sites. These chunks can be mined by all players, as long as they are not using PvP Protection.
    • Mining chunks requires players to have the "Duelist" or "Outlaw" status. If you attempt to mine a Chunk of Gold Ore without having a PvP status yet, you will be greeted with the usual PvP action confirmation window.
    • Mining chunks is achieved simply by interacting with them. Mining a chunk will produce one of the following fame items:
      • Gold Rock
      • Gold Nugget
    • Mining chunks can trigger Gold-obsessed bandits to spawn!
      • Added an achievement track for defeating Gold-obsessed bandits.
    • Items that are obtained by mining Chunks of Gold Ore go directly to the inventory of the player mining the chunk.
    • The spawn rate of Chunks of Gold Ore is based on player activity in the Townhall.
  • With this update, the values of gold-themed Fame items need to be rebalanced again:
    • Gold Rock (new item): 100 Fame
    • Gold Nugget: 50 Fame
    • Gold Tinsel: 5 Fame
    • Previous versions of gold-themed Fame items are now marked as "old" and can still be sold at the market.
      • While the new items have a lower nominal value than the items introduced with the last update, spawn rates in the game are calculated to match the former output.
  • Claim sites can be operated by clans just like before; Fame item output is not connected to the spawning of Chunks of Gold Ore.
  • Just like Travel Gates, Claims now produce Standard, Advanced and Elite Medals that clans can collect. Output quantity also does not differ from that of Travel Gates.
    • This means that less Fame than before is produced in the site itself, but if a little time is invested into mining Chunks of Gold Ore in the direct vicinity of the site, lots of additional Fame can be earned.

Uncategorized Changes
  • The maximum camera zoom distance is now nearly identical across all dinosaurs, based on the maximum zoom distance for large dinosaurs.
  • Fixed spawning for mobs targeting players in e.g. quests so that they no longer get stuck in collision or lose sight of the targeted player.