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Feb 28, 2012
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Forum rules

It is our goal to create a pleasant environment for our players which is characterized by being entertaining, enriching and respectful at the same time. These guidelines aim at creating an understanding for what it means to be part of the Dino Storm community.

Please always remember that you as a user are bound to follow both game and forum rules.

Things to remember when you want to participate in our Dino Storm platforms:

1. Treat other users respectfully:

Our games’ communities consist of a great variety of people who all have the right to feel well and safe. Always be polite and respectful towards others, and when you address someone in a post or message, think about whether you would like to be addressed in the same way.

2. Forum account:

In order to create forum topics or comment on existing posts, a forum account is needed.
For the Dino Storm forum, register here.
You may choose any login name as long as it is not violating the law, infringing on personality rights, glorifying violence, or of obscene, racist, or otherwise amoral nature.

3. Signature:

Maximum height of USER signatures: 350 pixels
The overall maximum height allows for an image of maximum permitted height, plus 1-2 lines of text.

Signature image sizes need to adhere to the following restrictions:
Maximum file size: 30 KB = 30,720 Bytes
Up to a width of 400 pixels: Maximum height 300 pixels
Between 400 and 700 pixels width: Maximum height 200 pixels

The signature may contain one or two lines of text if the overall maximum height allows for it. Forum rules apply to signatures as well.

{a} Images:
You may post images through the forum’s attachment system. You are free to post images as long as they do not violate the law or the forum rules.

These are not allowed:
  • - pornographic images
    - images showing acts of violence
    - images carrying racist messages
    - images carrying political messages

These are just a few examples. If you are unsure whether you should post an image or not, please ask a GM (Game Master) for advice.

4. Netiquette:

{a} Tone
Please do not resort to verbal outbreaks or attacks. Always treat others in the same way that you would want to be treated yourself. Deliberate provocation (or “trolling”) of others is not permitted. Always remember that your post will be read by other human beings, feelings and all.

{b} Offensive content:
Violent, racist, political extremist, sexist, discriminating, vulgar or otherwise offensive posts or posts that aim at insulting, slurring, denunciating, threatening or verbally degrading other persons, people or religious, cultural denominations, are not permitted.

{c} Spamming, cross posting, pushing, post hunting, flaming, flooding:
We consider these spam: Posts that are clearly off topic, “single sentence” posts, “\sign” posts and similar messages of approval when they are used in a way to flood a message thread; posting of messages consisting mainly of emoticons, posting the same content in multiple message threads (the so-called “cross posting”), posting with the sole intent of pushing threads (“bumping”), as well as posts that do not contribute to the message thread’s topic or diverge from it. Repeated posting of relevant responses taken from other message threads (the so-called “post hunting”) is to be avoided as well.

{d} Personal information:
Protect yourself by not disclosing your personal information with third parties. It is expressly forbidden to post personal information of other people without their consent.

{e} Links / advertising:
As we carry a partial responsibility for what is posted in our forums, posting foreign links is not allowed in general. All links that are referencing sites not directly connected to Splitscreen Studios GmbH are considered foreign links, with the exception of clan or guild pages and related forums.
Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances, but only with explicit prior permission of the support team.

{f} Customer support content:
It is not allowed to publish any customer support content (e.g. from the Splitscreen support ticketing system) without explicit prior permission granted by community management or Splitscreen Studios.
It is also not allowed to discuss penalties in the forum that you or other players received in-game or in the forum.

5. Penalizing violations of rules:

Every user has the possibility to report a violation of rules. Our team processes all your reports. Violations of the forum and/or game rules are penalized as follows.

Violating the forum rules will entail a warning at least, or an immediate suspension of the liable account at worst.

Minor violations may result in warnings or reprimands being issued. Receiving a certain amount of reprimands may result in a temporary or permanent expulsion from the forum.
  • Spam
    Inappropriate tone

Moderate violations may result in reprimands being issued. Receiving a certain amount of reprimands may result in a temporary or permanent expulsion from the forum.
  • Denunciation

Major violations may lead to the immediate suspension of the forum account.
  • Violations of existing law
    Violations of our Terms & Conditions
    Foreign links, ads
    Sock puppets
    Racist statements
    Serious baiting
    Serious insults

This document does not provide an exhaustive list of every possible kind of rule violation. We reserve the right to extend the boundaries of this ruleset and penalize accordingly.
The moderators reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users that have violated the rules repeatedly.
We are able to and reserve the right to edit or delete objectionable forum posts.

Please note that because of the forum’s real-time nature, we are unable to monitor and check the validity of all posts at all times. We do not warrant the correctness and/or completeness of any post, and are not to be held responsible for any post’s content.
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