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Fan made KWC


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Oct 13, 2013
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Intro: fan made KWC
For some people they know what that means. KWC means kaiju war chronicals.
What does Kaiju mean? Kaiju means monsters that are made with suits. Examples : godzilla, gamara, mothra ect.
This topic is for fans who like kaiju to make some KWC's.
I'm going to post my story in a day or so. Anyone with a story can post as well.
Enjoy :D


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Oct 13, 2013
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First KWC :!: the battle is mothra vs biollante. every single character in the story are real kaiju and if you look them up appear. also all there powers in the story are their actual powers. if want to know where you can find other kaiju go to toho kingdom. enjoy!!! :mrgreen:

Mothra vs. Biollante

Far deep into the middle of the pacific, there laid an island, a barren and ugly island. The island’s name is unknown and anybody who goes on it never comes back. On the island are natives called the Elias. The Elias are a people who lived on this island even if it is an ugly terrible place. The Elias worship a monster known as Mothra. She is like a butterfly or a moth and she is kind to the people. This island used to be beautiful, but H-bomb testing made it a wasteland. But somewhere in the center of the island is a green spot about 15 miles in perimeter. In the green spot is a forest full of lush plants, trees, berry bushes, rivers, and creeks. But in one part of the green spot there are two girls. Now seeing these girls you would see two teenagers with mild dark skin, not too dark but dark enough to know there natives. They have very long braided black hair compared to their body size. They are about 30 cm tall. No one knows the girls’ real names but the Elias call them the shobijin. The shobijin are one of the most important people on the island because they are the only people on the island who can understand Mothra there as they say goddess. The shobijin though do not act like young women. No they act like at some times children. They are right now acting like children. They are playing in the flowers chasing each other. Laughing, playing in the nice smooth grass. After about an hour they are sitting on a little rock bridge discussing the next Mothra ceremony. “ Mothra is getting old,” one of them said. “ I think she deserves a rest.”
“ But who will protect the island?”
“ Nothing comes to this island. We are perfectly safe. Stop being so paranoid sister.”
“ I’m not paranoid. It’s just that it’s a dangerouse world out there and it will be comfortable if you know there someone to protect you.”
“ Sissy!” and one of the shobijin tackled the other and they rolled on the grass giggling and laughing. Suddenly the ground began to shake and rumble. The shobijin then hugged each other until the earthquake ended. “ Told you, you’re a sissy!”
The scared shobijin then pushed the other one for teasing her. That’s when they heard a blood-curdling scream. This time both the shobijin hugged each other in trembling fear, they where both scared this time. “ Wwwhat was thaaaat,” the sissy one said.
“Let’s go find out,” said the other.
“No no no no no please no.”
“ Then let’s go.”
They walked through the forest for a couple of minutes until they got to a clearing. Which the grass gave way to rock, and there was no trees and flowers. Just rock. But they also saw something else in the clearing. A huge green monster with tentacles with flower buds on the end. The monsters head was huge and it had lime green liquid was drizzling out of its mouth. The “sissy” shobijin screamed so loud the other shobijin had to cup her hand over her sisters’ mouth. The monster didn’t notice. But another one did. 100 miles east Mothra woke from her sleep. Hearing the shobijin cry, she got up and swooped out of the cave at amazing speed toward the shobijins location.
What the shobijin didn’t know was that the monsters name is Biollante and she just happened to dig through to here. Right now she is confused. She doesn’t recognize this terrain. She thought she saw two orange dots near the forest but she dismissed them. How can something that small harm her? She rotated slowly trying to collect her thoughts. But then she noticed something. She smelled it, an intruder! Now both monsters being female they have a gene to protect territory. Biollante had that gene and she smelled another female monster. She looked for the monster but saw nothing. “ Maybe I’m just smelling things.” she thought, and went back to recognizing the land.
The shobijin were terrified. They never saw a monster that big or terrifying by the matter. They then noticed the monster was not looking at them but simply looking around the place it landed. But the “sissy” shobijin screamed “ MOTHRA WE NEED YOU. COME. PLEASE HURRY.”
“ Would you shut up the thing will notice us. Now shh.” they continued to watch the monster.
Mothra was flying as fast as she could. Then she saw it a huge monstrous beast. An instinct told her to run but the shobijin were in trouble and she had to protect them. She then dived down close to the ground and crawled closer to the monster. She can see the monster but it can’t see her. What a relief.
Biollante smelled the smell again and she looked around again just to make sure. The smell was stronger and she recognized the smell as another female.
She walked around toward wear the smell was strongest. She then growled a low deep rumble. She then fired an acid stream toward the spot. Suddenly a thing swooped out of the spot and into the air. Aha! She new there was another monster. She then fired another stream but the moth creature dodged that too. Biollante was getting angrier.
The shobijin were surprised when Mothra flew up in the air. It also made them scared because they knew their “goddess” was not going to win, but Mothra still had to try. Mothra was dodging left and right to avoid the streams of acid. She then flew up to Biollante and released a series of stingers. It annoyed the monster and she had to dodge another stream of acid. She then charged up the lasers on her antennae and shot the monster with a series of lasers. Biollante then screeched in pain and shot her again
Biollante was getting angry at the female beast. HOW DARE SHE SOOT BEAMS AT ME! She them shot he tentacles up at the moth trying to catch her but she was too fast and agile. She then shot acid from the tentacles trying to get the moth.
The shobijin were gaining hope again. Mothra was dodging the deadly weapons. They were feeling safe again.
Mothra was getting tired. “I am a middle aged bug I shouldn’t be doing this!” she then thought of another plan she would fly away from the spot were the shobijin were hoping the monster would follow. She flew slowly away taking the beast with her. “I hope this works.”
Biollante noticed something was wrong the moth was slowly flying away. She is protecting something. She then turned her head and looked for an egg or any signs of a child or infant bug, but she didn’t see anything. Then she smelled it. There are more females present. But this smell is different. It smelled sweet. Like a female smell but little more bitter. So it must be a different species. She concentrated and then she saw them. Two female HUMANS. The moth is protecting HUMANS. Biollante then started heading toward the small humans.
The shobijin were scared again. The monster noticed them, and monster was heading toward them. They began to shake and tremble.
Mothra’s plan was failing. The monster is heading toward her girls, not away. There was only one way to deal with this. ATTACK!!!
Biollante was heading toward, Curious to get a look. When she felt a sharp pain in her back. She screeched in pain and turned to see the moth. It had attacked her so she knew the moth was protecting the humans. The moth then maneuvered to guard the place were the female humans were. Biollante then shot a stream of acid at the moth and it moved away at the last second. And some acid hit the moth. YES! The battle was on!
The shobijin moved out of the may when Mothra covered them. But then she moved and some acid hit Mothra's wing and splashed down. One tiny droplet hit on of the shobijins arm. She then howled in pain. The acid corroded some skin and muscle. The on shobijin began crying because of the pain. “Be calm sister.” said one trying to sooth her sisters pain.
“ But it hurts so much!” cried the other one.
The one shobijin then laid her sister down and attempted medical work.
Mothra herd the girl’s cry but she had a problem. The tip of her wing had been hit and the pain was unbearable. She shot more stingers at the monster. The monster shot more streams of acid all over the place and it hit her again she was getting weaker and pain was getting intense. She was hit again, and as she fell and lost conciseness she then realized that she was going to sleep for a long long time.
Biollante saw the moth spiral out of the sky. She had won. And she screeched a roar of victory. But she decided not to finish the moth off. Since she is a female monster she is not as aggressive as males. She had one thing left to do. She then headed toward the female humans.
The shobijin were sad and most of all scared. The monster was heading toward them. They began to tremble and shake. They feared the worst. When the monster and the girls were face to face the monster took to big sniffs that felt like wind to them. The monster then turned around and headed toward their village. Deep down in their guts they knew that their village will be demolished.
Biollante was heading in a direction. The female humans had a sweet pleasant smell. She wondered why though. She then smelled more of the sweet smell. She liked the sweet smell and decided to head toward it. She liked pleasant smells. And she sometimes let her feelings guide her
Don’t you?
The end.
is this too long?