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April 4-7: Easter Flash Sales Weekend


Splitscreen Studios
May 30, 2013
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April 4-7*
4 Full Days of Easter Flash Sales

From Thursday to Sunday!

*Starting midnight (server time). America servers: EDT | Europe servers: CEST | Asia server: CST


Power gels, dino dollars, implants & tech modules,
damage boosters and more! Prices are up to 33% off!

Choose from a great range of amazing dino skin art,

six of which have never been on offer before**!


**Please note that exclusive items such as new skin art will NOT be sold at a reduced price.


Q: At which level will implants and tech modules be offered in the sale?

A: Implants and tech modules will be offered to you at the highest level tier available to you through the regular stores in Dinoville. For example, if your ranger is at level 14, the implants and tech modules offered to you will be level 15, just like in the dinosaur example image below.

If your ranger is at level 15 you will be offered level 20 items; if your ranger is at level 31 you will be offered level 35 items, and so on.

:!: Please note that customization items such as dinosaur skin art and ranger clothes will be offered to you at a level tier equal to or below your current ranger level—just like with previous flash sales, and just like what is offered to you in Dinoville's skin art and clothes stores.