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Announcing the Winners of our Weekly Competition


Splitscreen Studios
May 30, 2013
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~ 5 × 500 Gold Coins in Prizes ~
Congratulations to Our Five Winners:

S h a d y (Europe_1)
Anitek (Europe_3)
Beatriz_Army8900 (America_2)
-Diamond lLabel- (America_2)
AngelShadows (America_5)

The Gold Coins have already been credited to your rangers!

The question was: "Can you name the dinosaur hidden in this puzzle?"
The correct answer is: Pachycephalosaurus

A few notes on posting. Please read!
  1. Please only write ONE post in reply to our question. If you post more than once, we may choose to ban you from our competition!
  2. Make sure that your user profile includes both server and ranger name, and double-check your spelling! Your ranger name needs to be spelled exactly like it is spelled in the game!
  1. Open your user profile.

  2. Enter your server and ranger name (and clan name, if applicable).

  3. Scroll down and click on "Save".