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!Account sharing!


Splitscreen Studios
Oct 10, 2012
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Hello rangers,

It is our goal to create a pleasant environment for our players which is characterized by being entertaining, enriching and respectful at the same time.
Handling your account data (and especially your personal data) with care is of great importance. Neglecting this care can lead to accounts being “stolen” or even items being destroyed which effectively makes rangers unplayable.
We have never stopped reminding you that it is not allowed to share account data. In the future, support will only restore items when their loss is demonstrably connected to a fatal server error.

We would like to inform you that we have temporarily suspended a network of about 200 user accounts today. These 200 users have been logging in to accounts they did not create, or have been sharing their accounts. If one these users is found to be sharing account data again in the future, or circumventing the temporary account suspension penalty, we will shut down the entire network by suspending each of the 200 accounts indefinitely.
We have chosen to inform you about this procedure because the involved network of accounts is especially big.
Our plea to all of you is to read the game rules top to bottom, and to always adhere to them!

Your Splitscreen Games Team