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What We Really Need As Players


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Jan 23, 2022
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Hi friends, Im Axel. I've been playing this game for nearly 5 years now, and Im very avare of the fact that everyday, this game loses more players, and it's not like the old times. I would like to make all of you's voices heard by the game developers. As a result of the long discussions with my friends from game, I now have few new ideas to make this game more popular, and exciting for old players. I genuinely love this game since my first day of playing it, and I want it to become more popular, but to achieve this, we got to set a list to do, game developers must know what the gamer society really wants. Now first of all there are my own ideas, I got them through examinations of the game for just a few days, and I also asked many people what they really wanted. So without further addition, let's talk about what we, and this game needs the most.

Firstly, I want to point it out that the game gets really boring sometimes, just doing the same things over and over again, where is the excitement of that? We got to give people a reason to open the client with the same excitement everyday."But, how can we achieve this?" you might ask, let me tell you, by improving and introducing new and exciting features to the players. And I do not mean adding maps by new features, I mean who wants new maps anymore? We still do the same things over and over in just different maps. We need to have more options to specialize our dinosour and weapons. And I have few ideas about that too;

I'm talking about the "Ultimate Abilites", they have the chance to turn any situtation into your favor, and they are unique for every Dinosaur and Weapon. Let's take the Coelophysis for example, our agile and swift footed friend. He got the speed, he got the power, he is built to run and trace. So what would it be like if we were to give an ability to our fast friend? Let's give him an ability named "The golden eye" which, when its used, gives our friend the ability to see through NPC's, I mean to see the loots literally, so that he would be able to find anything he needs in a more precise way which would give playuers a chance to reduce the time they spend while hunting. And I'm well aware that this would be too powerfull and would be unjust. But it would be balanced, by cooldown or something.

Or let's give him an ability that's when it's activated, it creates a path that leads you exactly to the coordinate of the player/item you have selected. While following that path our dino would gain movement speed. It would be great for tracking right?

For Brachi, it would be good to give a second chance tou our big mate to survive while battling. For example, when you are critically hurt in a short time, brachi's armor would increase for 50 per cent or he could gain a shield that blocks incoming damage for few seconds, giving our big friend a second chance to win.

Weapons? Hear me out. Give gatling an ability maybe named "the Frenzy" . When activated, it grants your Gatling extra attack speed for a short period of time, that when you kill something the cooldown is reset, which literally creates an opportunity to have a frenzy. Or maybe an ability, when used you ranger shoots to sky and make bullets rain from above into the target area, slowing, and damaging everything in the area. Well that would be overpowered but we can balance that and these are just about ideas. I have many ideas about other weapons and dinosaurs too, just wanted to introduce few of them.

Long story short, we want new ways to specialize our dinosours and weapons that constant to our playstyle. Having more ways to excite players and customize the playstyle on our will would help attracting new players and turning old players back to the game which would create a better and entertaining environment for all of us.

Don't worry guys, I've got tons of ideas for each dinosaur and weapon, also giving dinosaurs and weapons new and different looks according to the imp/tech you attach to them (which I think would be prett cool). But I can't list them all here, so if game developers get interested, I'm open to conversations with them about all of that. That's it for today, I hope this will be seen by developers, and I hope you like all of them. Do not be afraid to share your suggestions about my ideas and introduce new ideas. Together, we can carry this game to a new level. Take care.
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