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Update 984 (2021-03-12)

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Oct 22, 2013
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Testing Changes
  • Enabled that players can control buildings
  • Removed all limitations from fights
  • Removed all limitations for PvE/PvP
Update 984
  • New status effects of the same type will not replace current running status effects if the remaining time left is longer than the new one that should be applied.
  • New style of status effect icons
    • Category by shape for effect direction
      • Positive effects are displayed in a round shape
      • Negative effects are displayed in a rectangular shape
    • Category by color for effect type
      • Speed & Movement changes (Yellow)
        • Speed up/down
        • Fear
        • Paralyze
        • (Clan booster) Endurance up
      • Damage Effects (Red)
        • Bleed
        • Burn
        • Damage up/down
        • (Clan booster) Strength up
      • Health Effects (Green)
        • Healing
        • Leech
        • (Clan booster) Recovery up
        • (Clan booster) Vitality up
      • Support Effects (White)
        • Rage up/down
        • Range up/down
        • Hitchance up/down
        • Critical Hitchance up/down
      • Protection Effects (Blue)
        • Dodge Up
        • Absorb
        • Reflect (both, dino, weapon)
        • (Clan booster) Agility up
        • (Clan booster) Armor up
        • (Clan booster) Stability up
      • Vulnerability Effects (Purple)
        • Vulnerable
        • Easy target
        • Penetration
        • Confuse
        • Stun
  • Birthday cakes are now eaten by the dinosaur therefore the connected status effect is only applied to the current used dinosaur.
  • Removed cooldown of birthday cakes
  • Fixed: Continue attacking after mobs evade...
  • Fixed bug that could pull units away from their initial spawn location by using fear or other effects.
  • Improved AI behaivor to react faster between ai state changes.
  • Adjustments in dinostorm mob attribute calculations, causing changes in hp to about 3%
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