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Update 968 (Initial Public Test Changelog for the Balancing Update)

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Feb 28, 2012
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Update 968 Changelog:

Status Effect Related Changes

  • Added a number of new status effects, divided into effects affecting dinosaurs, weapons or both
    • Affecting dinosaurs only
      • Dino damage up (replacing existing "Damage up" status effect)
      • Dino damage down
    • Affecting weapons only
      • Weapon damage up (replacing existing "Damage up" status effect)
      • Weapon damage down
      • Weapon range up
    • Affecting both dinosaurs and weapons
      • Rage up (Extra Power bar progress increases)
      • Rage down (Extra Power bar progress decreases)
      • Hit chance down (complementing existing "Hit chance up" status effect)
      • Critical hit chance up (more likely to land critical hits)
      • Critical hit chance down (less likely to land critical hits)
  • New status effect visualization
    • Clear differentiation between effect targets (dinosaur, weapon, both)
      • Dinosaur affecting effects = Red
      • Weapon affecting effects = Blue
      • Dino & weapon affecting effects = Purple
    • Positive effects = "up" arrow
    • Negative effects = "down" arrow
    • Arrow animation shows progress more clearly
  • Fixed that status effects could stack when they should not have. Now the current effect will be replaced when a new one of the same type is invoked.
  • Fixed issue where status effects were not properly updated after switching one's dinosaur.
  • Fixed issue where players were able to cancel an active fear effect by using skills that move the dino in a predefined way (e.g. Coelophysis' Jump Attack).
  • Fixed issue where weapon skills were treated the same way as dino skills when only the dinosaur should be affected by fear.

Rebalancing Changes Overview

Dinosaur Skills Rebalancing

Skill damageSkill
Extra Power added cooldown
AnkylosaurusGround Punchclose275%Stun8 sec+32 sec
AnkylosaurusTail Smashclose275%Rage up8 sec+32 sec
BrachiosaurusChest Attackclose425%Absorb8 sec+32 sec
BrachiosaurusGround Stompclose425%Confuse8 sec+31 sec
CentrosaurusDash Attackclose to medium250%Vulnerable8 sec+32 sec
CentrosaurusShield Attackclose250%Reflect8 sec+32 sec
ParasaurolophusKick Attackclose450%Dodge16 sec+20 sec
ParasaurolophusTailwhip Attackclose450%Rage down16 sec+20 sec
PachycephalosaurusDodge Attackclose425%Paralyze16 sec+17 sec
PachycephalosaurusFlying Headbuttclose to medium425%Easy target16 sec+17 sec
CoelophysisJump Attackclose to medium500%Damage up16 sec+17 sec
CoelophysisRapid Strikesclose500%Speed up/down14 sec+15 sec
CarnotaurusCarnage Attackclose275%Leech10 sec+20 sec
CarnotaurusFlesh Attackclose275%Critical chance up13 sec+20 sec
TyrannosaurusBattle Cryclose300%Fear & Hit chance down15 sec+28 sec
TyrannosaurusBrutal Biteclose300%Bleed10 sec+28 sec

Weapon Skills Rebalancing

WeaponSkillSkill rangeSkill damageSkill
Effect durationExtra Power added cooldown
HammerRocket Launchermedium225%Hit chance up10 sec+22 sec
HammerWeak Spot Fireclose to medium225%Damage down10 sec+25 sec
Burning ColtFire Burstclose300%Armor penetration10 sec+18 sec
Burning ColtFire Detonatorclose to medium300%Burn10 sec+18 sec
PeacemakerPrey Markermedium to far475%Paralyze10 sec+18 sec
PeacemakerCanyon Rayfar475%Range up10 sec+15 sec
GatlingCurtain Firemedium350%Vulnerable10 sec+28 sec
GatlingPinpointclose to medium350%Confuse9 sec+29 sec
Yager RifleBurst Firemedium to far350%Damage up (Weapon)7 sec+25 sec
Yager RifleSneak Shotmedium350%Slowdown10 sec+22 sec
ShowstopperBean Bagsclose200%Stun8 sec+31 sec
ShowstopperPower Shotclose to medium200%Increased damage (no status effect)+30 sec

Attribute-Related Changes

  • All attributes have been readjusted to fit the new dinosaur and weapon balancing.
  • Attribute bonuses applied through customization items (ranger clothes, saddles, dino skin art) are now depending on the customization item's level and quality; applied bonuses are comparable to the bonuses applied through dinosaur implants and tech modules.
  • There are no more random critical hits or dodge maneuvers when these attributes are 0; raise critical hit chance and dodge attributes to values > 0 through equipment to land critical hits or perform dodges in combat.

General Combat-Related Changes

  • New AI for bandits that has learned to switch between melee and far-range combat as it sees fit.
  • Improved dinosaur attack movements; e.g., dinos may now attempt to flank you in combat.
  • Weapons will no longer auto-attack while one's dinosaur is using its auto attack on the target.
  • Streamlined hit behavior for skill effects rules
    • Effects applied to caster will always trigger (like the healing skill does)
    • Effects directed against the target will only get triggered when the target was hit
    • Additional targets that can be hit by a skill will calculate their own hit chance for each target regardless if the main target was hit or missed by a skill attack
  • Fixed effects regarding the streamlining of the hit behavior:
    • Fear will now as well be able to miss the targets
    • Dodge attack will only stun the target when it has been hit by the attack
    • Flesh attack will always buff the caster even when not hit the target
    • Ground punch will only stun targets when they are hit
    • Ground stomp will only confuse targets when they are hit
    • Rapid strikes will only slow down target when it got hit. Speed up will always trigger for the caster
  • Fixed a bug that the fear of the battlecry did not move the target affected by the fear when both the caster and the target are on the same positon.
  • Fixed an issue where mutliple targets were hit by skills that were not in combat.

Dinosaur Implant Functionality Changes

  • Improved usability of Heat Regulator implant to be a counter to all negative speed effects (paralyze/slowdown/cold).
  • Changed paralyze status effect to be countered by Heat Regulator implant rather than stability attribute.
  • Improved usability of Stability implant to be a counter to stun, confuse & fear effects.

Assorted Changes

  • Weapon audio: auto attacks of both Showstopper and Peacemaker now also feature a sound reminiscent of reloading.
  • Starting dinosaur changed to Parasaurolophus.
  • Fixed an issue where profile and inventory window could be opened again when they were already open.
  • Greatly optimized the notification tasks to improve overall performance.
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