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Some ideas for new content (Part 2)


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May 21, 2021
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Here are some ideas of mine that I think might entertain players/get more players:
1. More dinosaurs of course. Some dinosaur species and how they would act like the existing ones: Giganotosaurus (Trex), Baryonyx (Carnotaurus), Diplodocus (Brachiosaurus), Edmontosaurus (Parasaurolophus), Sinoceratops (Centrosaurus), Homocephale (Pachycephalosaurus), Utahraptor (Coelophysis) and Stegosaurus (Ankylosaurus). Note: I'm not sure how you would be able to put a saddle on the stegosaurus due to the plates on its back.
2. Primary and Secondary skin patterns. For example, you could forge 2 solid colour skins to make a skin that has both those colours and there could be another item that reverses the order of those colours. You can also make blank skin patterns which you can buy and forge the blank pattern with the skin to add a pattern to it. This most likely would be a lot of work though.
3. Graphics. Honestly, I have no idea how to change this and this would be the hardest thing to do.
4. A Discord server. Most games have one plus many people have discord account so you can reach more people and more conveniently. https://discord.com/
5. Selling to other players. You could have a place where players sell items they collected on their adventures. When selling an item, there could be a tax depending on the cost of the item.
6. Packs. Yes, I just took the entire concept from apps on the play store. You can have daily packs with resources that you can open.
7. Redoing quests Or at least giving more coins for completing them is an IMPORTANT UPDATE. Seriously, I had to protect 3 workers and bring them back to Travis (They were being snails by the way too) and got only 2 coins... Another point is if the quests don't give more coins, at least lower the prices in the stores. (200 coins for a skin?? And only getting 1 coin per an average quest?)
8. Daily missions. Like you could do several missions to get skins, materials, coins and dino dollars. Some mission examples: Defeat 50 Bandits, Earn 1500 Dino Dollars, Spend 1000 Dino Dollars, Upgrade 2 different Dinos/Weapons/Techs/Implants. And if you finished all your daily missions you could get some coins or something good. (In my opinion, coins are pretty good if no updates with quests redone happen.)
These are my ideas, for now, I might update them or add more later.
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