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Public Test Changelog 991

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Feb 28, 2012
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Testing Conditions
  • New Public PTR state that all rangers start fresh (Accounts are preserved)
  • Tester Accounts auto preperation adjusted
    • include multiple dinos/weapons etc for specific levels
    • ranger set to level 10 so that clothings have less impact
    • quality of clothings/skins reduced to level 5
  • Unlocked map icons automatically
  • PVE and PVP allowed as live without the 1vs1 restriction
  • Buildings are automatically supplied by dinoville

Update 991

Combat Changes
  • Timer till out of combat reduced to 22 seconds (length of a healing skill cooldown)
  • Time for complete recovery when out of combat halved to 45 seconds (two healing skill cooldown/ one with extra power)

Status Effects
  • New look for status effects applied through "clan booster" items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clan booster status effects to not be visible to other players.
  • Fixed that already present status effects will directly be located at the right position (removed superfluous animation).

PVE Adjustments
  • Mobs values adjusted
    • reduced vitality
    • increased strength/damage
  • Reduced penalty against higher level mobs
  • Seperated skills for mobs so that they can be handled seperately from player skills
    • Rex skills deal 80% of the damage that players do
    • Rex bleeding from mobs reduced
  • Added seperate strength and hp factors for mobs to not let one specific one rule them all
    • Brachi got about 5% more damage to not be totally lame.
    • Rex got reduced damage by 10%, so less violent.
  • Overall mobs attribute growth over their levels reduced
  • Improved damage limiter for high-level players to respect the attack channel used (weapon/dino)
  • Adjusted that the bandits' weapons also make use of high-level weapon visuals
  • Fixed far too low damage from higher level mobs against low-level players
  • Fixed broken factor that increases damage from higher level mobs

Claw Implant/Attribute
  • Fixed: Clan trigger implementation
    • Claw multi target attack trigger chance was to high due to a formula number shift causing to trigger in almost any attack.
    • Will hit max 5 targets with dino damage
    • Total damage output will be 300% of dino damage evenly distributed across all targets
    • Will go through the regular attack logic resulting that hit chance, critchance, reflect, etc. are properly calculated for each target that is hit
General Changes
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