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Bug Report Flow

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Oct 10, 2012
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Bug Report Flow
To make it easier for the testers and devs to work together a report flow has to be followed.
Here is how a regular flow looks like:

Report Stages Explained

New Report (No thread Prefix)
A newly created report should not contain any prefix in the subject line. The devs will once they have checked the report mark them appropriately.

Dev Actions: Approve or disapprove report.
Tester Actions: When suitable, gather more information, add reproduction cases etc.

Approved Report (Open Prefix)
The issue is approved and ready to get fixed.

Dev Actions: Fixing the issue
Tester Actions: Help the devs during development

Disapproved Report (Closed Prefix)
The issue has been disapproved and marked that it can not be resolved due to different reasons.

Dev Actions: Explain why the issue was disapproved and archive Issue
Tester Actions: Understand and agree on the explanation and if not request to open issue again

Fixed Issue (Fixed Prefix)
The issue should be fixed and is now ready to be validated by the testers to get the issue closed.

Dev Actions: Add issue fix to the PTR changelog
Tester Actions: Recheck the fix to verify the issue has been resolved
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